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ISP Billing Solution
Some of E-Database customers are running millions of customers on E-ISP, and some with only few thousands. Incumbents national ISPs select E-Database for ISP billing because of product maturity, reliability, high availability, and integrated prepaid billing features. Startup ISPs choose E-Database for ISP billing mainly because of straight forward pricing, long term scalability and reliability, and feature richness.
Maintaining its tradition, E-ISP today offers advanced ISP billing features, prepaid features, complete customer self care, real time credit enforcement, online statistics and analysis tools, credit card clearing and support for dialup, DSL, cable and wireless services through tried and proven RADIUS capabilities.
These features, and more, are in a single integrated product and are completely workable, out of the box.

E-Database products are 100% owned by E-Database and do not rely on open source or third party components.

With 99.999% SLA agreements and 24x7 staffed help desk, E-Database is also the choice for peace of mind.

ISP Billing Highlights
    • Unparalleled Rating Flexibility.
    • Online ISP billing and automated user interaction.
    • 100% Web Based Management.
    • Easy Setup and Maintenance.
    • Multi Platform, Multi Vendor Support.
    • End-to-end Prepaid Support.
    • Customizable, fully featured, web customer self care.
    • Local customization.
    • Carrier grade RADIUS functionality
Unparalleled Rating Flexibility

E-ISPBilling offers unparalleled rating flexibility. Letting you implement the best plan through a web based user interface.

E-ISP supports:

  • Flat rate, tiered, duration based, usage based
  • Define different tariffs for different time of day and/or days of week
  • Provide free hours and/or free megabytes on a periodic or one off basis
  • Charge set up fees up front or on first bill
  • Define special promotional offers
  • Automatically assign offers for customers that either expire after a set period

automated user interaction
    • Anniversary or fixed date billing
    • Group Billing
    • XML/XSL representation of bills for web and print
    • Absolute control on the level of detail at each invoice
    • Flexible billing cycles that range from daily and weekly to annually
    • Automated credit card payment collection
    • Email invoices and\or session reports
    • Advanced automated responses to late payment, you can:
    • Completely suspend a user on late payment
    • Send e-mail reminders
    • Change the user account to have limited access or access only to the web self care module – where the user can then make payments.
    • Provisioning – provision/de-provision email servers, web servers and other Network Elements automatically on customer registration, suspension, refused payment, late payment, termination, and more.

100% Web Based Management

E-ISP billing is 100% web based. Unlike other applications, that pretend to be web based while actually using applets, which are inflexible, E-Database ISP billing is a true HTML based solution that can be remodeled and extended to your unique needs.
Having a 100% web based applications makes servicing and installation easier. Imagine, checking up on how many user's you have logged in, their balances, view trouble tickets, generate new tariff plans, and more, from anywhere on earth using E-ISP' secure (SSL) admin web interface.
E-Database ISP Billing allows you to customize privileges and profiles for the application, allowing people with different roles to have access only to the functionality they need.

Easy Set Up and Maintenance

E-ISP is an all in one package that takes the hassle out of setting up your business. E-ISP provides support for most Routers, Access Servers and Access Points, in the market, as well as interoperability with most other RADIUS vendors. Because its all in one, you save yourself valuable configuration and maintainence time. Once E-Database ISP Billing is set up, you have RADIUS, Billing and user self management all ready to go, out of the box.
ISP Billing is designed to be easy to setup even for non technical personal. Backoffice RADIUS setup is already made so you need to know very little about this protocol to get started.
Many of E-Database ISP billing customers are up and running within a day or two, that is, they are ready to accept logins, have rating plans defined, web self care and registration running, invoices and more.

Multi Platform, Multi Vendor Support

E-Database E-ISP ISP Billing runs on Linux, Solaris, Windows 2003, 2000 and NT. E-ISP ISP Billing can use Oracle, Microsoft SQL database, MySQL or built-in database. Users can be stored on any of the aforementioned databases, as well as via LDAP and other radius servers.

Prepaid and Voucher Management

E-Database ISP billing software gives you prepaid magic. Allowing you to manage the full life cycle of prepaid cards including, production, usage, credit enforcement and reseller handling. Additionally, you can:

  • Sell prepaid cards with megabytes and hours or $ amount
  • Associated different prepaid card groups with different tariff and service plans
  • Automatically commission resellers
  • Associate between user groups and different prepaid cards
  • Associate between packages available for purchase and different prepaid cards
  • Automatically assign offers for customers that either expire after a set period

With E-ISP ISP Billing at your side you can make sophisticated prepaid plans while being rest assured that users want over use their credit thanks to real time credit enforcement. E-ISP credit enforcement allows you to:

  • Tell the access server the maximal amount of time a user can be connected for, based on their balance, free hours, or combination of both.
  • Disallow access to the user as soon as the balance is exhausted.
Customizable, fully featured

Your users are going to be dazzled by the web self care features you offer. Using the fully customizable web care facility your users can:

  • Register online and start surfing straight away
  • Pay their bills or make purchases with credit card or prepaid vouchers
  • Check their real time balance
  • View invoice and invoice history
  • Suspend or cancel products (if allowed)

Finally, your resellers can have their own web interface where they can have as much or as little control over their user base and plans as you want to give them.

International features

E-ISP ISP Billing can be customized on all levels to suit any language, including right to left languages, and simplified Chinese based languages, that is

  • Change the user and administration interface to any languages
  • Change the invoices for any language
  • Use any currency and any floating point values
  • Support for multiple taxes

E-Database offers interface translation services and licenses as well as have many languages already in store and ready for use.

RADIUS features

E-ISP integrated RADIUS server is amongst the top RADIUS servers available in the market today. It is high performing and feature packed, and because it is pre-integrated you remove much of the set up hassles. Examples of some of the features offered

  • Support for DSL, VPN, Dialup, Cable
  • Real Time ISP and WISP billing
  • RFC 2865 & 2138 - RADIUS Authentication
  • RFC 2866 & 2139 - RADIUS Accounting
  • Vendor specific attributes
  • RADIUS roaming and proxy (including proxy target billing)
  • Concurrent login control (per user and per group)
  • IP allocation and centralized IP pools management
  • Pass-through Authentication: Proxy, NT SAM \ Active Directory, LDAP
  • Web online session list
  • Support for dynamic NAS ip addressing
  • RDBMS or text file accounting log
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