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Human Resouce Management

HRM Software offers a flexible and sophisticated HR management solution, which has been designed to maximise employee data capture and strengthen the strategic potential of the HR department. Unique design features have been instrumental in increasing the speed and quality of employee information, resulting in reduced administration time and effort, hence improving the efficiency of the HR department and the service provided to management and employees.

Typical data captured on each employee includes:

  • Accidents and medicals
  • Allowances
  • Appraisals/Reviews & development plans
  • Company car administration
  • Current position and job history
  • Dependants/ next of kin details
  • Education/Qualification History
  • Grievances/Disciplinary details
  • Job History
  • Personal details
  • Posts held
  • Rewards/Benefits/Bonuses
  • Salary information, history and reviews
  • Succession Planning
  • Training courses attended
  • Working patterns
Reducing administrative workload and offering a better service to employees is accomplished through standard features which include:
  • Workflow – Automates processes and procedures
  • Data Loader - Directly imports data from spreadsheet and database files
  • Sets - Groups employee records by defined criteria for day-to-day tasks.
  • Employee View – Choose data on an employee to be displayed on one screen for quick enquiries
  • Search and View –locates an employee across companies, groups, locations with only partial information

Increasing strategic effectiveness is accomplished through comprehensive functionality which enables organisations to:

  • Conduct instant Salary modelling
  • Introduce or increase equal opportunities monitoring
  • Track and monitor absence to manage cost
  • Offer flexible reporting to support the business plan
  • Manage succession planning
    and much more


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